fire prevention products

Fire Retardant Products

FDK supply everything you need to upgrade standard doors to fire doors.  We can supply the materials needed as kits or you can purchase upgrading paints, varnishes and intumescent(fire-retardant) membranes separately.

Our coatings can be used in conjunction with our intumescent membranes to upgrade flat panel doors.  They can also be used on raised and fielded panel doors. 

Intumescent membrane is faced with white card for a painted finish or a range of ply or veneer finishes. The membrane is easily cut with a sharp knife.  A special intumescent adhesive is provided to bond the membrane to the door panels

The intumescent membrane paper can also be used in the manufacture of door panels.  It is sandwiched between ply using intumescent adhesive to produce fire resistant panels for fire doors. 

Intumescent coatings are available in white or clear grades.  We also supply a primer so that the coatings can be applied over existing paint plus a white undercoat or clear varnish sealing coat.


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