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Fire Door Products

Upgrade your standard doors to fire doors to meet UK Building Regulations. We offer the fire prevention products & technical expertise to help you satisfy Building Control requirements.

Door upgrading can often be more cost effective than replacing with a new fire door and offers a price sensitive solution to the problem of existing doors in houses in multiple occupation.  Door upgrade kits are available ex stock for both flat panel doors and raised and fielded panelled doors.  We can also offer solutions for ledged and braced doors.

Materials supplied in the kits include intumescent paint, intumescent varnish and intumescent membrane paper.  If door seals are required we offer wide a range of fire protection products, intumescent seals and cold smoke seals. 

Existing doors can be upgraded to 30 minutes fire resistance (FD30) or 60 minutes fire resistance (FD60).  We can provide you with a certificate of supply which Building Control will accept as proof that the upgraded door will meet the required fire resistance tested to BS 476 Part 22.


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